Review – The Green Hornet

“The Green Hornet” is yet another superhero movie that just fails. Seth Rogen is much to blame for this movie failing. He co-wrote the screenplay and is the main guy, yes he is the Green Hornet. He was a bad chose for this superhero. He just talks too much, the dialog was by far the worst thing in this whole movie. The dialog seems it was written in a day or two. The acting is pretty bad too, Rogan just does not do a good job. Christoph Waltz, fresh off his Oscar winning performance for Inglorious Bastards is the villain. He showed great promise after he did Inglorious Bastards, and I still think he is great. He is just wasted here. It wasn’t entirely his fault, he is just given nothing to work with. He provides us with a villain, but not a character of any kind.

Now Cameron Diaz just looks like she only did this movie for the money, she is so plain and boring here. The only actor who was decent was the actor who played Kato, Jay Chou. It was hard to tell if he was good because he is in almost every scene with Seth Rogen. Anyone’s acting would look decent compared to him here. Before people start saying that I really hate this guy, I don’t hate Seth Rogen. He can be really funny in some of his movies, but he was not the right guy for this role. Before I go more into why this movie failed, let me go over the plot.

Britt Reid is the son of LA’s most respected magnate, Britt is perfectly happy doing nothing except partying. This changes when his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, now his dads media empire belongs to him. Britt then gets into an unlikely friendship with Kato, one of his fathers employes. They then decide that they are wasting there potential, so the two of them decide to do something meaningful for the first time in either of their lives. What is that thing, you know what, they want to fight crime. They are breaking the law by protecting it. Kato builds them the black beauty, a car that can do pretty much anything. Then they start to make a name for them selves. This is with the help of Britt’s new secretary, Lenore Case they start to bring down the man who controls La’s underworld Benjamin Chudnofsky.


I have said many bad things about the movie(and I am not done yet), there are two good things I can say though. There is a good cameo in this movie, I will not say who, but it is with Waltz. That scene is actually really great, unfortunately that is only great scene in this movie. Another thing is Kato vision. You are probably thinking, what is that? That is like a Matrix thing, were Kato can slow down time and do some cool karate moves. The action scenes are bad aside from Kato vision. There were just way to many meaningless action scenes, and not ever action scenes contained Kato vision. That is some cool stuff.

Aside from those two things, the movie fails, they can not save this movie. I mean the dialog is hard to listen two sometimes, it is that bad. Britt Reid said, “If you mess with the hornet you’ll get stung”, well you will get stung watching this movie, and you won’t ever want to come back. My advice to you is watch the movie until the scene with that contains the cameo, then turn it off as soon as it’s over. If you still want to see the movie for the Kato vision, don’t. It’s cool, but don’t. It is not worth siting through the whole movie. Just see The Matrix again.


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