Review – Transformers: Dark of the Moon


After seeing “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” I was certain that there would be no sequel. But it turned out that it made tons of money, so we got a sequel after all. I did not have high hopes for this movie, and I was right to think that. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” actually did something I didn’t think it would do, it was worse than “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. I thought the first Transformers movie Bay did was decent, but with these two it seems he is just being lazy. He is banking on having just special effects. It’s sad to say, but it’s working because these movies make lots of money.

 There are many things wrong with this movie, but the two big ones are the script and direction. I don’t know if Bay is just not a skilled director or he just doesn’t care about the quality of his movies. His direction is so poor here. The only times it seems like Bay is trying to actually direct is when a hot girl is on screen or in the action scenes. This movie has the most action out of all three of the Transformers movies. This is bad and good at the same time. It is good because when the action is going on we don’t have to watch all this bad acting and listen to an awful script. It’s bad because there are problems with the action, but more on that later.

 Ehren Kruger’s screenplay has to be one of the worst in history; I mean I can’t remember one line of dialog that was even decent. It ranged from bland, to bad, and to painful. You have people saying utter nonsense. Some lines are so poorly written it’s laughable, or there so horrible that you cringe when you hear them. The script is devoid of emotion, depth, humor (there is attempted humor in the movie that fails so badly), or anything that makes a good script.


 The acting has always ranged from bland to bad in this series, and this one is no exception. Shia LaBeouf is doing more of the same here; he is just okay, not bad, but by no means good. Since Megan Fox got the boot, Bay needs to give Sam Witwicky another hot girlfriend (because the movie seems to always require a got girlfriend), the new girl is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I never thought I would say this, but I wish Megan Fox would have stayed. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley couldn’t act to save her life. She gives one of the worst performances I have seen in quite some time. I can just hear Bay telling her she doesn’t have to act, just look good. It’s become a habit of Bay to get great actors and waste them, and he does that here. His latest victims are John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. There is nothing I hate more than to see great actors wasted.

 The only thing this movie has going for it is the special effects. They are top notch as they always are in these Transformers movies. Even though the special effects are great, I am not going to give the movie points for it. I gave the last Transformers movie points for special effects; well I’m not doing that anymore. I know Bay can give his movies excellent special effects, but that is all he can do. The acting is bad; there is no real story, no character defilement, bad script, and awful direction. So when the action is on we are just watching, we don’t care what happens. There is tons of action in this movie, like I said Bay wastes no time at all getting right to the big robot fight scenes. Yes they look great, and are good to look at. But after a while they start to get pointless and way to repetitive. You start to notice that all the action scenes seem the same.

 Usually most movies have a few redeeming quality’s that stop me from giving anything below a one star rating. But with this one I couldn’t find anything I liked about it. Nothing worked here, I mean nothing. Script, direction, and acting are all awful. Not to mention there is no emotion, depth, or style to be found anywhere. I was debating giving this movie points for special effects, but I decided not too. Why should I? I know Bay can have great special effects in his movies, but I want everything else that makes a movie good to be there as well. Unfortunately this movie will probably make lots of money, so Bay will continue this series (I am already getting nightmares thinking about it). No one should see this atrocious excuse for a movie.

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