Review – Prometheus

              Rating = ★★★½      Tagline = High Full Price

Prometheus was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to this year. It had so much hype following it everywhere. Tons of rumors, trailers, clips, interviews, and advertisements were coming out. I stayed away from everything because I would have hated for my curiosity to ruin things for me. In the end, I saw one of the trailers before seeing it. My expectations were very high, and my big worry was that this would just be Alien with upgraded special effects. I’ve seen it twice now, and can say it’s a very good movie. However, this is the type of movie that has many small problems. If you look, you can’t find anything major that’s wrong with this. There’s just a good amount of nitpicking I couldn’t help doing. This isn’t a masterpiece, and misses out (not by much) on the greatness that Alien did. Even with that said, Prometheus is still one of the best Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen in a good while.

 Two scientist (Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) discover a pattern in a cave drawing that matches it to similar ones around the world. After pinpointing the patterns-deep space source, a discovery mission is schedule for the year 2093 to find it; backed by a company with serious money. There are seven-teen crew members aboard for this expedition. The scientists hope to meet their “maker” – but everything might not be as they thought it would.

Ridley Scott is an excellent and director. He has made many outstanding movies and some of my all-time favorites. Gladiator, Blade Runner and Alien are my favorites of his. It has been quite a long time since he had made a Sci-Fi movie; his return to this genre had me excited. Scott can do great things with it. Overall, he does a very good job. The only small problem I have is that at times throughout I couldn’t help but see scenes and compare them to Alien. It never follows it; more like hits some of the same beets as Alien did. That small issue aside, Scott does so many interesting things with the story and no one can deny he knows how to direct Sci-Fi marvelously.

The screenplay was interesting to say the least. Ideas have been jumbling around this script for a long time and many different people were attached and then dropped off. Plus, it wasn’t clear what they wanted the story to actually be. This sort of translated into the the movie. You an tell that this was an ambitious movie – there are many ideas and story elements. Stories like this are at risk of having plot holes. Here it maintained a tightened enough story to where it never took me out of everything. Parts made me question a little; thankfully, that didn’t ever last long.

David is so fascinating.

There are seven-teen crew members. Of course with that many characters in this kind of plot, you know some are going to be there purely to die. When you get down to it, there are seven characters that were developed well enough for me to connect with or understand them. By far, the best and most intriguing character is David. They used him to great effect. His view on humanity, interactions and his personality are so engaging. The dialog written for him combined with the performance made David something else. Making an audience care most for the robot is always a big accomplishment.

The acting is solid from everyone. Moomi Rapace is great. I was unaware of this until recently, but she played Lisbeth Salander in the original Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Her performance is well done, and she makes you want her character to make it out of this huge mess alive. Charlize Theron has been playing the villain or the mean strict character this year. She has been in this and Snow White & the Huntsman. She does play the role very well. Her character is a familiar and a slightly cliched one. However in the end, her acting holds up and makes you forget about that. The stand-out performance for me though was from Michael Fassbender. He plays David, the android of the crew. Whenever someone plays that kind of role, it can come off as robotic, too bland, or in the end become uninteresting. Here he sells everything about David. You are interested in him and he was the character I cared for the most. Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and the rest of the cast do a good job as well.

Visually, Prometheus is flawless. So much attention to detail was given; I loved the design for everything. The ship, planet, costumes and the aliens all look amazing. This visual aspect of the movie helped it immensely. When I would come across things, I didn’t like, for example, there was still always something to look at. I don’t like when special effects are used to cover up a story. Fortunately, this is one of the cases where the special effects are used to enhance it.

Among other things, Prometheus is a throwback to classic science fiction. Of course, it had to be Ridley Scott to do this. I can’t elaborate on any of my nitpicks because they would all enter spoiler territory. Plenty of science fiction movies have come out year after year. Some are good, but for the most part, they are forgettable. I haven’t seen all the science fiction movies that have come out, but the only one I loved and can remember of the top of my head is District 9. I now have another one to recall. There is a lot going on here; this is definitely a movie that you have to see twice to understand it completely. Sometimes endings can hit you over the head with the fact that there’s going to be a sequel. Here though I can say I’m anxious for the next installment. My problems bothered me to a point, but there is plenty to love here.

23 thoughts on “Review – Prometheus

  1. My internet connection has been awful these past days. I couldn’t post or check on any of the blogs I follow. I will get back on everyhitng starting tomorrow. I also posted twice right now, this and Brave; check them out.

  2. I loved this, the plot, the questions it raised, the acting, especially Fassbender who was brilliant. I can’t really say there was anything I disliked as such, either – I felt it had the right balance throughout and I can’t wait for the next installment too. Nice job on the review.

  3. For quite a while, Prometheus was my number one for the year. I sat in the theater dazzled by everything and was amazed by Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi, after a thirty-year break. I found myself applauding during the credits (my uncle, who went to see it with me, said, “You know, people don’t clap in movies anymore”). Now my number one of the year is Moonrise Kingdom, but Prometheus is still a close second. Really excited for the home video release, also: not only is it to include a heavily extended version (so I hear), it’s released two days before my birthday!

    Nice review.

    • I’ve noticed that as well, I wonder what happend? Moonrise Kingdom was my most anticpated movie of the year, but I still have yet to see it. I can’t wait fo rthat aswell, I’ll buy that the day it comes out if I can. Part of me wants to see it agin even after a second viewing.

      For now my top 3 movies of the year so far are (in no order) Prometheus, The Grey and Bernie.

      • I’ve devoted an entire page on my blog to keeping track of my “best to worst” for the year so I don’t have to scramble when December comes around. As of now, I’ve seen 31 films from 2012 (my review for Looper, which I saw yesterday, will be up tomorrow–stay tuned!), and my current top three is Moonrise Kingdom, Prometheus, and the 3-D re-release of Titanic (I’m counting that because seeing it in 3-D, on the big screen, was like watching a whole new film).

  4. Good review Alec. Like you I loved the look of the film. I couldn’t overcome some of the plot nitpicks as well as you, though.

    One correction: Noomi Repace was Lisbeth in the David Fincher version of the” Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

    Switching subjects, if you haven’t seen it yet, thenI recommend “1492”. I think it is Scott’s most underrated film.

  5. “this is the type of movie that has many small problems”

    Yes, but still I had SO. MUCH. FUN. I loved the visuals and the acting by Rapace and Fassbender. One of my favorite movies from 2012. That surgery scene was SICK (in a great way).

  6. I was disappointed after I watched the film because I had hoped it would have been as good as Alien. I liked Scott’s direction, but I found the story to be weak. The strengths outweigh the flaws though, and I did enjoy it. Nice review.

    • I can’t saw I felt the same way, but many people I know have felt the way you do. The story lacked in some areas for me, but nothing was big enough for me to be taken out of anything. I loved many things here, but Alien was better. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your review Alec. There have certainly been some mixed reviews about Prometheus, but I really don’t think I care. I’m with you, Ridley Scott has come out with some of my favorite movies over the years, and after speaking with some coworkers of mine from DISH who also love scfi-fi I’m pretty excited to check it out. When I get excited about a movie though, I’ve been known to run out and buy it, but that has gotten expensive over the years, so I’ve gotten more picky. I like the peace of mind I feel when I save money by renting first, so I’m adding Prometheus to my Blockbuster @Home queue, and then if it meets my expectations, I’ll buy the Blu-ray and add it to my collection. Then again it’s Ridley, so I’m sure I’ll be the proud owner of Prometheus soon.

    • I know what you mean. For my money this is worth it, it can be watched many times to figure out everything going on. This will be somewhere in my top ten of the year. If you like Ridley I think you’ll really like it. Thanks for commenting.

  8. I don’t think this is a good movie, at least not the second part which was more like a teenage slaughter flick than thoughtfully woven sci-fi. Characters were irresponsible, acting like children, there was no character development or even space for that with exception of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Most of the characters were there just to be killed, one by one. Secondly, there are no big revelations in the movie, most questions remained unanswered, the script was full of plotholes or absurdity (cave paintings leading to bioweapons lab?).
    Yeah visually, it was stunning and lead actors were great, but that’s it. For me it’s a total letdown and that “octopus” scene in the infirmary that bothers no one on the ship, I felt like watching a weird comedy.

  9. I just saw this recently; I had been looking forward to it. After hearing all the mixed reviews, I wondered if anyone really liked it. Now though, I’ve seen many positive reviews. I agree with you that there are small problems. Still, like you – I enjoyed this one a lot. Alien is a tad better, but how do you rank all the Alien movies so far?

    Great review!

  10. I finally watched Prometheus, and surprisingly, I liked it more than I thought I would! This is one of the few movies where I’m looking forward to seeing sequels (even though it was originally supposed to be a prequel). Great review, Alec!


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