Feature – Buy, Rent, or Skip

Appaloosa = Rent

This was an Ed Harris project through and through. Harris stared, co-wrote, and directed Appaloosa. He has a certain directional  style and he sticks with that here. The script is good. There are some misses here and there, but overall Appaloosa is a solid western. The movie is worth watching just for some of the great lines, the chemistry between the male leads, and the “Western” aspect. Harris is great in his part. Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Irons and Ed Harris are excellent. Appaloosa has a lot of strengths and one big weakness that takes you out of the story most of the time (the love story). This might not be the best Western ever, but it delivers some good entertainment value and was interesting to watch to say the least.

It’s hard to compete with No Country for Old Men and 3:10 to Yuma.

It’s hard to compete with No Country for Old Men and 3:10 to Yuma.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Royal Tenenbaums = Buy

The Royal Tenenbaums didn’t look like much to me. I went in with very low expectations, I was surprised by how great it actually turned out to be. Like I said, this is an offbeat comedy. Anderson specializes in that type of movies. This is a Wes Anderson film, so you know you are going to get an amazing soundtrack. The score mixes Classic Rock/Pop with Mark Mothersbaugh’s quirky score. It just works really well. This is not your average silly comedy. The movie can be extremely funny at times, but it can also get very serious at times. Some interesting things are explored as well. The Royal Tenenbaums is a very intelligent black comedy that is artfully made.

Just like the movie, this bird is taking flight.

Just like the movie, this bird is taking flight.


You, Me and Dupree = Skip

Around half an hour into the movie you realize you just could have seen the trailer instead of sitting through the entire movie. In the trailer you get two and a half funny minutes. In the movie you get 108 minutes with very little to actually laugh at. You, Me and Dupree could have gone in several directions toward the beginning, but it just takes a wrong turn in the road and keeps on going. Overall this is a dumb and sometimes obnoxious comedy, that has some funny moments. They are somewhat rare, but there are still there none the less. Just like Dupree though, the movie overstays it’s welcome.

Did you actually expect this to be good?

Did you actually expect this to be good?

8 thoughts on “Feature – Buy, Rent, or Skip

  1. I’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums and You, Me and Dupree. I agree with you on those. Appaloosa seems interesting; haven’t seen it. Nice feature, I’ll can’t wait for the next three.


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