A Message From Alec


I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Had a fantastic time myself, got lots of movies and saw some really good new ones. I’m very sorry for not stopping by for a week, haven’t read any of your posts, responded to comments or any of your requests, didn’t post anything myself as well. Well, back now, and looking forward to the new year…


On December 31 it will mark my blog’s first complete year. Started it on a whim. I remember my first comment well, someone blasted me and it hurt. But I kept on going, love it, hope to do it forever. I thank anyone who have stopped by, followed, commented, and just be involved in my blog. A shout out to Alexander Diminiano for being my most active all-around follower – he has runs an outstanding blog, you should check it out if you haven’t. My best movies of 2012 list will be released on the final day of January; I want to be able to see and review more movies – not missing much in January anyway. To finish the year I will ask you to rate a few questions out of four stars (honesty would be appreciated) …

1. Theme (have been looking, hard to make up my mind)?

2. Header (mix of pics or is it distracting)?

3. Reviews (length, style ect.)?

4. All aspects of my first year?

5. Anything you think I can improve on?


13 thoughts on “A Message From Alec

  1. Oh my gosh Alec thank you so much for the shutout! I’m glad you’re as much a fan of my blog as I am of yours.

    Here’s the answers to your questions:

    1. Theme (have been looking, hard to make up my mind)?

    I thought it was just me being OCD when I was changing the themes on a daily basis haha. Turns out that ain’t the case, but I really enjoy your blog the way it is right now, layout and all.

    2. Header (mix of pics or is it distracting)?

    No! The header actually adds to it, a lot!

    3. Reviews (length, style ect.)?

    Your reviews tend to be very long. The only longer ones, on average, that I know of are written by Aaron Neuwirth on TheCodeIsZeek.com. But yours are also very engaging, too, so I’m not all that sure length matters.

    4. All aspects of my first year?

    A nice start, Alec.

    5. Anything you think I can improve on?

    My only suggestion: try having Microsoft Word look over your reviews beforehand. I tend to notice grammar errors in your reviews.

    • Don’t mention it, you have been beyond great.

      Unfortunately I can’t use Microsoft Word – using something pretty awful. All my spelling and grammar checking is done by me reading the review and correcting it myself. Get in a rush sometimes and gloss over things, sometimes even find them out a week later. If you can, any recurring problems that have stuck out in your mind? I’ll get Microsoft eventually, at least I hope.

      Thanks for the feedback Alexander.

      • Thanks/you’re welcome. 🙂

        If you want, I could put your reviews into Microsoft Word for you, i.e. when you write new ones. Saves you some time and extra effort, and I’m more than willing.

    • Actually, I just recently got the Twitter, I am going to use it and add it to my blog soon.

      Didn’t think you’d remember that, he never came back.

      You have been great and answered a lot of questions for me in my first month or two, thanks a lot, Mark!

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    1. Theme – 3 Stars (If possible I would make the title of your blog–which I love–more noticible. Can you insert a title card you created on another program?)

    2. Header – 2 Stars – I like the idea of the multiple pictures, but I think you have to many

    3. Reviews – 4 stars – I look forward to reading your because you generally have a unique take on films. As for the length, I don’t have a problem with getting through it like I do with some others that are the same length or longer.

    4. All Aspects of my first year? – 3 Stars – I like the name change you had, and I generally like that your reviews lag behind the release date. Your take is usually more balanced and missing the fan-boy enthusiasm built-into certain films.

    5. Anything you think I can Improve on? Nothing comes to mind.

  3. Congratulations, Alec! I haven’t stopped by in a while, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the changes.
    1) &2) Theme and Header 4/4 (I’m a fan of all the movies you have pictured  )

    3) It seems like you put so much work into your reviews and responses, and for that I give you 4/4. If there were a way to make them shorter, without losing content, then I’d give it a go if I were you.

    4) I still consider myself a new reader, but from the last couple of months of 2012: 4/4

    I love visiting, and I look forward to movies in 2013 with you!


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