Trailer: Ender’s Game

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My thoughts (I’ve read the Ender’s Game book):

  • A great cast was assembled.
  • Gives off the feel of an action popcorn movie.
  • Spoilers noticed, I think.
  • They seem to have done a good job not going overboard on the CGI.
  • Some awesome shots.
  • Many of the same elements that were in the book are present, but lots of aspects appear altered.
  • Can’t really get a feel for the dramatic side or the story structure.
  • What’s the tone going to be for the most part, adventure type action, or maybe take a dark path?
  • Is the complexity of the book going to be tackled?
  • Lot’s of question only to be answered by another trailer or the movie itself.

Overall: On the Fence


3 thoughts on “Trailer: Ender’s Game

  1. Trying out a new feature. Ten points on a trailer, and hope to get your take as well. Wanted to add a little quick something else beside just reviews. So, let me know what you think of this.


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