I’m 16 years old and my name is Alec. I love everything to do with film. Watching and writing about movies is my great passion; I hope to make it as a film critic one day. Whatever happens though, my connection with film can never be severed. I hate when critics think themselves above movies. I judge popcorn flicks purely for entertainment value. If that is all it’s trying to do; than I can accept that. As an example, I grade The Grey and Taken 2 on a different scale. Film making is an art; I try to understand that not all movies can be great. Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, they can all get better. I’m still objective and give out lower ratings. But for me, a bad rating is 1 and a half and below. My goal is to give informative information. I hope my blog will attract many movie fans. I love discussions, so make sure to check out all my sites features and enjoy!

TWITTER = https://twitter.com/moviereviewer96#

I currently live in China.



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